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Facility:  CARIAD (China) Co., Ltd.
City:  Beijing
Date:  18 Nov 2023

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部门/Department: C|TF-23            地点/Location: Beijing          工作经验/Applicants experience level: experienced


岗位描述/Department Mission

  • The purpose and objective of TF-23 is to develop functions, systems and technology (System) within the domain of ADAP Big Data Software for the Chinese market. This position assures that this technology is competitive, compliant with Chinese laws, standards & regulations.
  • C|TF-23 is responsible for planning and overseeing pre-development and series development activities of IT Data for different E/E architectures of E3 1.1/ E3 1.2 used within the whole Volkswagen Group in China and is responsible for implementation. The objective is the development, integration, application, validation and release of these systems for the cars of the Volkswagen brands in China, related to both FBU and CKD vehicles.
  • Manage and develop technical requirements or technical specification of IT Data of E3 1.1/ E3 1.2. Establish and ensure efficient processes and standards to meet VW Group standards. Strategical responsibility for IT Data of E3 1.1/ E3 1.2 in overall decision-making processes.
  • C|TF-23 is as strong interface and representative of German HQ to JVs FAW-VW, SVW, VWA and NEV Co. According to the Volkswagen Group strategy, C|TF-23 gains an essential contribution for both brands (Audi, VW, Porsche) in Volkswagen Group as well as CARIAD SE. This position leads the strategic collaboration with new Chinese technology suppliers (BATH). The success in the development of ADAP is essential for the success of the whole Volkswagen Group in China (competitiveness, premium demand, compliance to standards/ regulations, etc.).

主要职责/Your Responsibilities (within 5 lines):

Technical key words (at least 3 words):

This position holds the responsibility for the described tasks for the VW Group and the brands (Audi, VW and Porsche), CARIAD SE, JVs for the Chinese market. This position has to serve a large amount of interfaces within Volkswagen Group China, Headquarters in Germany as well as international suppliers in respective field of technology development of ADAP Big Data Software.

  • Responsible for integration in vehicles, application and function release of IT Data of E3 1.1/ E3 1.2 for the Volkswagen Group brands in the Chinese market.
  • Responsible for system, function quality and project quality.
  • Specify and derive requirements of Big data solutions designed for the Chinese and global market.
  • Use case planning based on project objectives and competitive analysis for data acquisition from the car, data analysis and product improvement in the Cloud.
  • Cascade targets and performance requirements to supplier/s and partner/s and work to integrate them in vehicle systems.
  • Monitor and steer the implementation of the solution design and compliance validation requirements, together with supplier/s and partner/s, and work to integrate them in vehicle systems.
  • Responsible to ensure compliance of Big Data solutions.
  • Communication with leaders, suppliers, and interface partners.

岗位要求/Required Qualification:

  • Education: This position requires a Master/ Bachelor degree in automotive, electrical, computer engineering or respective field.
  • Work Experience: 3 years of professional working experience. Experience in vehicle development in automotive industry or related field is required.
  • Special Skills:
    • Profound knowledge in Big Data and cloud environments
    • Knowledge of use case analysis and design
    • Knowledge of sensor set, electronic modules (ECUs), vehicle communication architectures, software components for automated driving
    • Good understanding of China specific regulations for geo-data handling (Surveying & Mapping Law) Excellent business English skills (written and spoken), German and Chinese language skills are beneficial.
  • Excellent business English skills (written and spoken), German and Chinese language skills are beneficial.