Hefei _ Technical Calibration Cooling - MEB _ 43003550

Facility:  Volkswagen (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
City:  Hefei
Date:  6 Feb 2024

Your Responsibilities:


  • Do technical calibration in C-EA23:

          Assuring the targets of the own work packages in technical calibration: doing the calibration work along the project plan and do the testing and sub approvals for the documentation due to the milestones.


  • Responsible for calibration-output within the defined time, quality and budget:

          Do the powertrain calibration according to the project plan. Assuring the necessary steps to deliver the results according to the Project Milestones and the project plan.


  • Responsible for technical release of working packages

          Prepare milestone documentation and milestone presentation for related calibration packages in the calibration process. Coordinate and track the completion of orders awarded to external suppliers.


  • Representing C-EA23:

          Provide fast problem solving decisions for entrepreneurial critical powertrain calibration related field. Especially for but not limited to issues with high cost risk, high authority attention or safety related topics.

          Implement and establish early warning systems for problems around powertrain calibration related topics.

Achieve strategic decisions regarding powertrain calibration in related committees. Achieve strategic decisions regarding conceptual changes of powertrain products in quality-committees.            Ensure customer satisfaction with powertrain products.


  • FBU powertrain concepts for brand VW/Audi in Chinese Market:

         Project planning for the calibration of powertrains (MEB calibration);

         Leading through the project plan and assuring the milestones;

         Approving the milestones;


  • Joint Venture powertrain concepts brand Audi, VW and Skoda:

          Project planning for the calibration of powertrains (MEB calibration);

          Leading through the project plan and assuring the milestones;

          Approving the milestones.



Our Requirement:


  • Academic grade in mechanical or electrical engineering.
  • 5+ years of experience in powertrain development.
  • Deep knowledge of drivability calibration, calibration process and engine control.
  • Profound knowledge of quality management, and product management.
  • Leadership experience in different projects.
  • Cooperative, analytical working, team spirit, intercultural competence.
  • Strategic and entrepreneurial thinking with strong initiative and self-reliance.
  • Profound MS-office skills.
  • Language skills: English for business- and technical discussion
                               German: if possible