Hefei_Battery System Testing_50025144

Facility:  Volkswagen (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
City:  Hefei
Date:  2 Mar 2024

Key tasks and responsibilities

  1. System validation of PPE, MEB and future projects
  • Create test specification and process during concept, series development phase and while series maintainence
  • Inplement system validation activities on related hardware and software
  • Support benchimarking of system validaiton for the Chinese Market
  • Reporting towards TPL, SE and TL for development status or escalation


  1. Support HW Release scope of BEV & PHEV battery system
  • Responsible for approach, preparation and collection test reports to support release relevant input and information, also organization of activities e.g. testing, protocol, etc. relevant for release
  • Tracking and execution within HW validation and pro-active risk prevention
  • Alignment with stakeholders (e.g. VW/Audi Germany) for release approach
  • Test report and release process responsibility for vehicle projects


  1. Technical Group-level and JV alignments
  • Interface towards different departments, JV for validation and testing relevant technical topics
  • Interface towards AG, JV and battery partners for validation relevant technical topics on HVB level and sub-components


  1. Procurement management
  • Responsible for align and parpare procurement documents for technical support, research and development
  • Support TL for cost evaluation
  • Support TL for supplier payment and delivery confirmation


Qualification and skills

  • Professional experience in Hardware development
  • Skilled in validation and testing processes in automotive industry
  • Knowledge in Vector, CAN/Flexray, bus systems
  • Aware of GB standards and ISO/IEC standards related to HVB
  • Strong problem solving abilities in complex environment
  • Able to communicate effective on department levels - from shopfloor to department management
  • Analytical thinking
  • Able to fast network in region China with different stakeholders/entities