UC UCM EU Cell System

Facility:  Volkswagen (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
City:  Hefei
Date:  23 Feb 2024

Department Mission


  • To lead the VW battery cell team work with the corresponding team of the battery partner to ensure the delivery and performance of all VW projects.
  • To effective communicate with the partner and other managers to keep the balance of the battery delivery time, cost and knowledge sharing.
  • To implement the VW process into the battery development process.


Your Responsibilities (within 5 lines):

  • Lead the development of the cell system product, overseeing the whole process from concept design through engineering to SOP following APQP process.
  • Steer design review, including mechanical design, chemistry design, simulation, process trouble shooting and sample validation
  • Participate in the supplier evaluation and management of Cell components ,conduct project tracking, and complete the synchronous development and testing of components
  • Validate the cell system so it can meet the requirement of VW module and pack ,including safety, cycle life, power performance, mechanical and electrical specification.

Required Qualification:

  • Education: Master degree or above
  • Work Experience

8 years of automotive industry component development experience with at least 5

years of cell battery related development/production experience

At least 3 years in leading role

Essential understanding for typical cell features, GD&T knowledge, national(GB) or industry standard

Rich industry connections with cell components supplier

Battery safety mindset especially for thermal propagation

Comprehensive knowledge for key cell processing such as electrode, assembly and formation

  • English:  Fluent in reading and writing, good at speaking and listening