Health, Safety and Security_43004007

Facility:  CARIAD (China) Co., Ltd.
City:  Shanghai
Date:  23 Feb 2024

主要职责/Your Responsibilities:

  • 制定有利于公司安全的方案、计划、政策和程序,识别评估可能影响运营的新威胁和薄弱环节,对安全事故进行调查,并采取适当的行动。

Make programs, plans, policies, and procedures for the safety and security of the company; Identify and assess emerging threats and weaknesses that could impact operations; Investigate safety and security incidents and take appropriate actions.

  • 识别开发安全资源,管理并与承包商合作,为部门和员工提供指导和帮助。

Identify and tap into resources to address safety and security concerns; Manage and work with contractors to provide guidance and support to the departments and staffs.

  • 对员工进行专业安全培训,如办公室应急准备、心肺复苏和急救、情景感知意识、应急程序启动、个人安全保障等,维护和开发培训材料

Give professional trainings to employees on safety and security topics, such as office emergency preparedness, CPR and first aid, situational awareness, emergency procedures and personal safety; Maintain and develop training materials.

  • 进行内外部沟通合作,确保相关各方充分了解公司规则、安全政策、程序、以及在违反规定的情况下采取的惩戒措施。

Communicate and collaborate with both external and internal groups to make sure the rules, security policies and procedures are well perceived, as well as the disciplinary measures to be taken in the event of a violation.

  • 制定使用公司电脑、电话、数据、文件等访问政策。与其他部门合作,调查和处理任何网络安全、物理安全、数据安全、员工行为等方面的违规行为;

Make policies for using company computers, phones, data, files, etc.; Work with other departments to investigate any violations concerning with cyber security, physical security, data security, employee conduct, etc.

  • 设计、管理和宣传健康改善计划,通过培训提高员工保持良好健康、饮食和运动习惯的意识,准备分发健康教育材料,开展健康评估和健康调查。

Design, manage and promote health improvement programs; Raise awareness of good health, diet and exercise through training; Prepare and distribute health improvement materials;  Conduct health assessments and surveys.

  • 定期制定实施员工健康检查,营造一种健康的工作文化,确保员工有良好的身体、精神和社交状态。

Design and implement staff health screening programs regularly; Create a working culture that promotes health to ensure that the employees have good state of physical, mental and social wellbeing.


岗位要求/Required Qualification:

  • Education:


Bachelor degree or above, human resource/public relations or other majors related.

  • Work Experience:


At least 5 years of experience working as a safety and security specialist in large multinational enterprises; Background in public health, staff health promotion and health studies is preferred.

  • Knowledge, skills and abilities:


Excellent communication and coordination skills;  Able to interact well with people from a wide range of backgrounds.



Have a mature, non-judgmental, confident and caring manner; Good problem solving and time management skills; Excellent management and supervisory skills.




Extensive knowledge of the safety policies, security protocols and emergency preparedness of the company.



Work well under pressure; Strong sense of responsibility; Action-oriented with clear goals; Upright, honest, proactive and positive.


  • Language:  Proficient English skills