Shanghai _Hardware Development _50023791

Facility:  CARIAD (China) Co., Ltd.
City:  Shanghai
Date:  17 Jun 2024

岗位描述/Department Mission

  • The C|TT-2 system software empowers CARIAD China (a Volkswagen Company) software & hardware products in China. The overall goals are the successful function integration of hardware & software developments in China, boosting of China-specific requirements in automotive E/E-architecture concepts and yielding of new enabler technologies for future mobility for China.
  • As a part of the C|TT-2 department you will benefit from encouraging leadership, experienced management team, motivating team spirit as well as open communication & feedback culture. You will be working in an international environment and have the chance to establish a global network. Strong brands, market leading products, professional career development opportunities, attractive work and health insurance programs are just a few among the things we offer.

主要职责/Your Responsibilities (within 5 lines):

Technical key words (at least 3 words):

  • Responsible for hardware related system software development based on target EE architecture
  • Responsible for developing a system software development team being able to define system architecture, develop core components, and integrate components from suppliers and partners
  • Responsible for managing a system software  engineering team in terms of recruitment, development, retention
  • Responsible for technology roadmap, benchmark, and proposal development in the system software areas

岗位要求/Required Qualification:

  • Education: Bachelor degree or above
  • Operating system architecture, operation model, and core technologies for QNX, Linux, Android.
  • System software development experience for T-Box, Infotainment and ADAS systems
  • Deep knowhow about automotive EE architecture and its industry trends and technology trends
  • Deep knowhow about key SoCs and their software develop kits (e.g. qualcom, nvidia, TI)
  • Strong skills of BSP/BSW software including networking, diagnosis, function safety, security design and implementation as well as technologies
  • Experience managing system software development teams delivering successful SOP projects
  • Fluent English both spoken and written.