Software Quality_43004011

Facility:  CARIAD (China) Co., Ltd.
City:  Shanghai
Date:  29 Feb 2024

主要职责/Your Responsibilities:

  • 计划和协调ASPICE开发活动,负责ASPICE的持续改进,负责ASPICE流程评估,

Plan and coordinate ASPICE development activities and be responsible for the continuous improvement of the APSICE capabilities; evaluate the ASPICE process.

  • 根据组织标准,与其他团队一起制定SQA计划,保持记录,与其他相关项目组和人员高效沟通SQA活动的结果,向上级汇报。

Develop SQA plans with other relevant teams; Maintain records and effectively communicate with the current and adjacent programs and stakeholders; report to the head of quality.

  • 协助确定项目绩效指标,根据项目指标计划实施产品指标,评估过程和产品开发的成熟度,收集并分析相关数据。

Assist in designing project performance metrics; Implement the metrics according to the project plan in order to assess the maturity of the process and product development; Collect and analyze data.

  • 协助确定项目的具体调整,提供流程实施和工具使用支持,参加项目状态审查会议,提出改进流程和质量建议。

Assist in project tailoring; Support in process implementation and tool usage; Participate in project status review meetings to update progress and make suggestions for improvement. 

  • 确保高质量软件产品的交付,确保产品符合客户的质量期望。

Ensure the delivery of high-quality software products; Ensure that the product meets customers’ expectation of quality.

  • 执行质量保证审计并促进外部评估,撰写QA报告并汇报给上级。

Perform QA audit and facilitate external assessment; Generate QA report to the head of Quality.

  • 识别关键问题并及时上报。

Identify critical issues and report them in time.


岗位要求/Required Qualification:

  • Education:


Bachelor degree or above, computer science/software design/ electrical engineering or other majors related.

  • Work Experience:


Minimum of 5 years’ related working experience; Experience in automobile software is preferred.

  • Knowledge, skills and abilities:



Strong logical thinking and excellent communication skills; Detail-oriented; Self-motivated.



Be acquainted with  the APICE, ISO26262 and other standards; A thorough understanding of the process and technical requirements of automotive functional safety; Participated in the ASPICE certification process.



Experience in the R&D of automotive electronic products and good knowledge of embedded systems.



Work well under pressure; Strong sense of responsibility; Action-oriented with clear goals; Upright, honest, proactive and positive.

  • Language:  Proficient English skills