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We are progress

Progress is part of our DNA. It’s not just in our cars, but in us too – and in you. We make Progress together. With inner drive. With the aspiration to become better and better. With the attitude that we can break the mould. With attitude, with courage, with confidence. Because Progress comes from the head – and from the heart.

We live trust

We show confidence and trust in our peers, encouraging collaboration and willingness to delegate meaningful responsibility.

We live openness

We are open to new ideas and flexible. Our openness also reflects transparency with clear, straightforward and honest communication of our ideas and goals.

We live result-orientation

We focus on clear goals and results, acting with agility and perseverance to get things done. We take every step necessary to ensure progression.

We live accountability

We proudly display integrity through our willingness to take charge and responsibility. We back our talk with action and ownership.

We live innovation

We are a source of inspiration to those around us, offering encouragement and constructive feedback. Together, we find creative solutions.